Workshop: Rob Hornstra “DIY – Storytelling”

Workshop: 21. – 22.10.2017, ore 10-17 (sold out)

Rob Hornstra, Workshop

Join Rob Hornstra on October 21 and 22, 2017 for a two-day intensive workshop for photographers, designers and storytellers who wish to learn how to construct and present long-term photography projects.
In this workshop, Hornstra will share his insight into the funding and marketing by using The Sochi Project as an example of a self-published photo project. This workshop is about what we all desire as storytellers and photographers: Freedom. Freedom creates opportunity. Opportunity makes your future.
Over the course of two days, he will outline how the Internet and digital printing techniques have opened up endless possibilities for self-published work. The curriculum will also address how to attract an audience to your project, collaboration between photographers and writers, crowdfunding and the process of slow journalism. This workshop’s main objective is to help students in creating independence and become liberated photographers and publishers, ready to begin sharing their stories with the world.
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Participants: 12 – 15
Language: English
Date: October 21-22, 2017
Location: Foto Forum, Bozen, Italy
Address: via Weggenstein-Straße 3f
Time: 10 am – 5 pm.
Fee: €250
Early bird discount: 10% until September 1, 2017

Pitsunda, ABKHAZIA, 2009 – Pitsunda is a resort town in Gagra district of Abkhazia. It is situated on the shore of the Black Sea 25 km south from Gagra. In October 1964 Nikita Khrushchev was vacationing in Pitsunda when he was deposed from power. There are many hotels for Russian tourists, who frequent the area in summertime.

Rob Hornstra

An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus


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