Exhibition: Kid’s Quarantine Pics


Exhibition: Kid’s Quarantine Pics

“I was born little and i’ll remain little with little ideas; there’s no need to be big” – Maria Giacomelli 
The collection of images here portray the quarantine experience of children from ages 3 to 11 years old. I asked them to take photos reflecting their isolation in the first phase of lockdown in Italy. The photos were taken with either a cellphone, a camera, or a tablet. I asked myself in this out of the ordinary, delicate and interrupted moment: “What do children see?” How are they living this isolation from school and from friends and the rest of the family? How did familiar spaces transform during this time?

The images selected show the everyday containing moments of seeming simplicity. The panorama is emptied and only the essential is revealed: illustrations of books, everyday objects that fill the frame, grandparents far away seen through a screen, toys, homework, their socks, a soccer ball… 
And then the outings: 200 meters, 400 meters and the garden of the house, self portraits with shadows, bright colors, the small walks in which insects appear, skys and flowers: colorful, shot from up close and from far away made up of such quick shots that the movement is affected.

The images taken display a different gaze than that of adults: It is not made up of rules of perspective or on an awareness of the image. However, they contain an incredible predisposition to beauty, simplicity, and balance. 
It is a transparent gaze made up of closeness and distance encapsulating their very special point of view. 
Claudia Corrent