Webinar: Claudia Corrent – Photography in the Sitting Room

Thursdays, 20.1.22 + 27.1.22 + 3.2.22 + 10.2.22
18:00- 20:30

Foto Forum, Bolzano/Bozen (Italy) Photography in the Living Room, Webinar with Claudia Corrent

From the history of photography to the understanding of the mechanisms underlying the camera, to the times and apertures, to the use of framing and the rules of composition. We will talk about this to bring the students closer to a conscious gaze towards the images. Ample space will be left for the discussion of photographic images that have become iconic. How to read this almost infinite avalanche? Through examples and exercises we will understand technical and practical notions on photography.

What to bring: a photo camera
Date: Thursdays, 20.1.22 + 27.1.22 + 3.2.22 + 10.2.22
Time: 18:00- 20:30
Location: Zoom
Target: +18
Language: Italian
Speaker: Claudia Corrent
Info & registration: info@foto-forum.it
Number of participants: Minimum 4 Max 15
Price: 120 € (110 € for members + early birds until 16.1.2022)