Event: Skyglow – A Live Photo Performance with Francesco Del Conte

June 15th, 2023, 9 p.m.
Alexander-Langer-Platz / Piazzale Alexander Langer

Skyglow: A Live Photo Performance with Francesco Del Conte, 2023, Foto Forum, Bolzano/Bozen (Italy)

“Skyglow” is the project that Francesco Del Conte will present to the community of Bolzano: a photographic investigation combining contemporary art, astronomy and environmental science. Developed in recent years across various regions in Italy and Europe, the project documents the impact of light pollution on the observation of the night sky through the use of astronomical tools and large format analogue cameras. In June, the artist will be working in South Tyrol on a new silver-salt series that he will show at Foto Forum in January 2024. Some of the photographs in the series will be taken from the fields of the Talvera. On this occasion, Francesco will discuss the genesis of the work, explore some technical and conceptual aspects in depth and end with a photographic performance. Stephanie Wolters, president of the amateur astronomers association “Max Valier”, will give an introduction to the topic of light pollution and its effects on nature, especially the flora in South Tyrol.