Lab: Stop Motion for Kids

Kids 9-14

Foto Forum, Bolzano/Bozen (Italy) Stop Motion, Workshop with Sarah Orlandi



Everything is animatable.

Stop-motion precedes cinema. The two techniques developed together until stop-motion turned into the second seventh art. From its inception until present day, stop-motion has steadily relied upon: cut-outs (paper and cardboard), claymation (plasticine), objects, puppets (created with different materials) and pixilation (relying on human motion). The proposed workshop offers an immersive experience of the different stages involved in the creation of a short animation using claymation and cut-outs.

Theme: AIR


  • projection of short films on different animation techniques
  • development of the “air” theme and drafting of a storyboard
  • design of personal animation (characters, set design) using plasticine and cardboard
  • animation
  • choice of sound effects
  • The workshop coordinator will publish a final edit of all creations on her Vimeo channel as a single video.


  • each participant must bring a tablet or smartphone with the Stop Motion Studio app installed (free of charge)
  • a package of Giotto Pat-Plume plasticine (€6.00 approx.)
  • A3 cards in three different colours
  • Easels, smartphone and tablet holders, boxes and lights will be available for all participants to use.

Sarah Orlandi

Videomaker since 2000, she has recently turned to the technique of stop-motion about which she has delivered workshops in schools and was commissioned from companies including Roch, BonsaiTv, CMTrading and Effecinque to create videos.


Date: 4.3.2023
Time: 2 – 6 pm
Location: Via Weggenstein 3F, Bolzano
Target: 9-14 years
Language: Italian
Speaker: Sarah Orlandi
Info & registration:
Number of participants: Minimum/Max 10
Price: 45€